The Internet of Things is defined as the notion of inter-networking of physical devices, connected devices, smart devices, and other devices that are integrated with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that allow these items to collect and share data.

It means that an object may be detected or…

Summary of the Issue
Company X had an outage on Cloud X from 10:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m., affecting, owing to a failed pre-scheduled reboot. Rebooting the load balancer or cache server causes the failure points.On May 10, 2020, the Security Team released a maintenance update and a reboot warning…

What’s a class attribute ?

A class attribute is a Python variable that belongs to a class rather than a particular object. It is shared between all the objects of this class and it is defined outside the constructor function, __init__(self,…) , of the class.

What’s an instance attribute ?

An instance attribute is a Python variable belonging to only…

so first of all i am going to be talking about

How to create a library :

Let’s use as an example the file “hello.c”. In both cases, we need to create object files first. This is done with the following commands:


$ gcc -c hello.c


$ gcc -c -fPIC hello.c

Now we can…

What happens when you type ls *.c

The ls command is one of the most popular commands in Linux. I assume that ls command is the first command you can use when accessing the Linux Box command prompt.

We use ls command on a regular basis and sometimes even though we might not be aware of all…

You may be new to coding. You crack open a coding book with exercises, or even enroll in a coding school, and the first thing you see is shell exercises. You ask yourself, “What? Why do I need to know this when I just want to code? Why can’t I…

An integer is a number with no fractional part; it can be positive, negative or zero. In ordinary usage, one uses a minus sign to designate a negative integer. However, a computer can only store information in bits, which can only have the values zero or one. …

A static library is a compiled object file containing all symbols needed to operate by the main program (functions, variables, etc.) as opposed to having to bring different entities into the programming language C. Static libraries are not loaded at runtime by the compiler; the executable file just needs to…

Khalil Hassayoun

Holberton school student . Future software engineer

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